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7 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Plane Ticket to Meet Her

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You’ve finally found your one true love through online dating But is she really true?

Everyone is in desperate need of finding an online mate. As one popular song goes “all you need is love”. It’s an undeniable fact that to love and be loved are perhaps one of the most significant things in our lives. However, how do we know for sure that what we have is real love and not another fling?

How do I find true love if I have doubts?

To have doubts whether she is already the one is pretty normal especially when you’ve only met her through online dating and never had the chance to see her in person.

However, to help you decide whether that particular woman is worth spending time and money with, and the two of you live thousands of miles from each other, the following are few things from Loveawake dating site you may need to consider.

1. How long have you known the person?

If it’s only recently that the two of you met then in the meantime, do not think about buying a plane ticket.

 How do I find true love if I don’t take the chance of going immediately?

If you haven’t known each other for over six months, there’s a big chance that the love you feel for one another is just another illusion.

Wait for that time when you have known each other way better by either talking over the internet or phone. Take time to develop comfort and trust in your relationship.

 2. What are the things the two of you usually converse about?

I’m pretty certain you always want to stick with sweet romantic love as topic. But have you ever tried to ask her regarding family and friends? How did she react when you asked? You will be able to know more about a person based on the type of family and friends that she has. You may even make conversations with some of her friends and try to know them online too. However when she doesn’t say much regarding people that surround her is one thing you can be suspicious of. Why does she seem to be aloof in telling you things about them? Either she feels embarrassed about you or she is hiding something from you.

3. Is she appealing for you?

You may ask yourself, how can I find love if I based my feelings on her physical features?

Well the truth is love relies on some extent on sex. Love can never be totally complete without those mornings when you wake up in the arms of your lover after a very passionate evening together.

But if you already like talking about her with friends and she’s the one you dream about every time despite the fact that you haven’t even touched her, then you can be guaranteed that the relationship you share with her has a good future.

4. Does she actually like you?

You may ask for your best friend’s opinion or you may test the girl. Yes, it is an unfair thing to do but as the adage goes, all is fair in love and war. You may do this by asking her to do you some favors. Even when both of you are miles apart, there is a great deal of things she can actually still do for you.

  • You may ask her to read one book then both of you can talk about it. See if she had carefully read the book.
  • You may ask her to have some photos taken particularly for you.
  • You may ask her to purchase a CD of your favorite songs.

When you ask things like these from her, make sure that it’s not that expensive or you don’t force her into doing it against her will. However, make it a point to be particular about it and make sure to ask politely. Through this you will see her effort to try to please you. This will give you the idea of whether she genuinely likes you or not.

How can I find love in knowing whether she likes me or not?

The answer is simple. By this, you will be able to know whether spending more time, money and effort for her is worthwhile in the end.

5. Ask her situational questions like what she will do if ever she has won a huge amount of money.

Do not hesitate to ask. You’ll get surprised with the answers she’ll give you.

Her answers can vary from the most selfish ones such as purchasing new designer dresses to selfless things such as giving the prize to charities. In your quest of finding a soulmate, you will be able to learn many things about people based on their answers to questions such as this. When she returns an answer that involves you, smile. That only means that she already thinks of you as a part of her life.

6. Do the two of you share many things in common?

She’s probably really gorgeous and you probably like her so much but you have to keep in mind that long term relationships is not just all about having sex.

What are the hobbies that the two of you share? Do both of you enjoy spending weekends on vacations? What are the things that both of you are interested in?

These questions are just some of the many significant things you must consider when you’re planning to spend for a plane ticket.

7. Does she belong to the best ones out there?

Never compromise.

How can I find love if I don’t know how to compromise?

We often compromise because we are in a desperate need of finding a soulmate. But we also have to remember that compromising can never lead us to feel loved. 

How do I find true love? Well first off you have to know that finding true love never depends on the looks, the location or even the timing. Finding the right one for you is all about the way that you think, your personal qualities, beliefs, spirituality and most importantly, commitment in sticking with someone who will love you as much as you love her.

So even after knowing these issues you still wanted to see her in person, go purchase a ticket. This could be the start of a new chapter in your life.

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