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A Rocket League Guide to Climb the Ranks

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In this edition of the series, we will be listing the mechanical and strategic skills that players should be investing time into in order to reach Diamond rank after reaching Platinum. Each player is playing hard to improve skills so as to have a higher level. As we all know, it is not easy to rank up high in Rocket League. Here are some key skills to help you get high ranks.

Bronze to Silver

The most important thing to rank up from Bronze to Silver is learning how to defend. You should make sure you are able to save 100% of the shots in the Rookie Goalkeeper training pack, about 70% of the shots in the Pro training pack and ideally 50% of the All-Star pack, so keep drilling these when you first boot up the game to warm up. The Bronze rank becomes easy when you know how to defend.

Silver to Gold

For this rank, you should learn how to hit the ball hard and know how to improve aerial ability.The best way to hit the ball hard is to hit the ball with the nose of your car and front-flip into it by double-jumping while your analogue stick is pushed forward. This will allow you to clear the ball with power and put in some shots that few people at this level will be able to save. The best time to utilise this powershot is right after the ball bounces. This will give you the most power and the defenders are unlikely to react quickly enough. You should also learn to utilise dodges in your aerials. Once you jump into the air and boost up, you have a window of approximately 1.5 seconds to use your second jump to dodge (flip) your car into the ball.

Gold to Platinum

To reach the Platinum title, you should focus much on your wall-play, car control and dribbling. You should head into free-play and hit the ball towards the bottom of the wall and then follow it as it rolls up to hit it off. Just start learning how to control your car properly, see how the dodges work in relation to which way your nose is pointing, and utilise air-roll with your aerials to get that extra precision. Dribbling is also a key skill that you should learn at this rank.

Platinum to Diamond

You need to learn how to position yourself well and trust in your teammates. But equally as important is learning how to recover quickly. This means, when you go up for a high aerial, you want to be landing on all four wheels, whether it’s back on the ground or on the walls. If you do land on the walls, try to land with your nose facing down so you can boost back down and recover your momentum quickly. Utilise power-slide turning and the half-flip, where you cancel a flip midway and rotate your car to get back on the wheels.

Diamond to Champion

At this rank, you need to know how to play fast and smartly, do intelligent rotations, passing plays, strategic bumps/demolitions, and "fakes" if you want to reach the next level. It is also essential that you miss the ball less, so go into some training packs that you find really difficult and grind them out until you can consistently hit the ball where you want it to go. Don't always aim for the goal on these shots but try to aim it at the walls for double-taps and the corner where the ground meets the wall to pop the ball back out to get another shot. Doing this will give you a great advantage in your competitive games as you will be learning how to play the ball around your opponents rather than just trying to get the ball past them. You can also use this to train your passes by imagining a teammate somewhere on the pitch.

Standard Rotations

Full-team rotations won’t be expected in Platinum, but players will need to start putting the pieces together in order to stay in the game and have decent positioning in Diamond ranks.

When you’re attacking, you shouldn’t overstay your welcome in the opponent’s half. Adopt the idea of rotating out of the play once you’ve taken a shot and allow your team to follow up on the next touch.

You should also consider falling back after you’ve made a centering play instead of trying to follow up on it yourself. Don’t cut back in front of your teammates to take another touch as you’re likely to double-commit. Ideally, you should look to reposition yourself at the back of the team’s rotation.

On defense, 30 boost is enough to make a decent save. If you have more than 30 boost, then you don’t require a full boost pad; leave it for your team. Avoid the temptation of breaking rotation to collect one unless you’re completely out. This is referred to as “ball over boost.” Only collect a full boost pad if you can see an opponent is about to take it for themselves.

Don’t rotate on the near corner or underneath the ball after you’ve tried to make a tackle in defense. Proper defensive rotation pathing should be a circle around the front of your goal towards your back post. After rotating, position yourself to face the play. This is so each player on your team can queue to take their chance to tackle or block the next shot.


The skills above were chosen to increase your speed around the pitch and develop your car control. Like before, we advise that you practice these skills in casual or custom training packs before taking them straight into ranked.

Our Diamond Offense pack focuses on learning to dribble and being able to set them up for yourself while the ball is rolling or bouncing. Our Diamond Defensive pack focuses on making parallel saves and having to half-flip into position.

Hopefully this gives you a great base to start your journey to becoming a better Rocket League player. If you have trouble completing certain modes or challenges, you can come to https://www.igvault.com/Rocket-League-Items for cheap boosting services. If you wanna Buy Rocket League Credits , Keys and Crates to help you level up fast, it is highly recommended to Rocket League Trading from a reliable store. Here you can choose from a bunch of professional game masters of in-demanded games to play the game and help you rank up fast.


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