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Backyard Tent Wedding

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Wedding have an amazing vision for their day and we are happy to come and help them plan it. They have a beautiful and private backyard wedding tent. Event management in chennai

They hire us for hourly consultation and also the month / day of coordination. We have to work with them to make sure they have all the right vendors for backyard wedding (there is more than you need!) And the tent fits in the room and all orders including everything they have is needed - and that's what we do with the consultation section per hour of their package.

With the moon / day of coordination, we deal with all the management of the day, working with all vendors, arranging, and making sure everything went smoothly.

Wedding is one of the sweetest women you will meet and he is always giggled. It's a chance that you want to follow. From the moment I met him, I knew I wanted to be part of his marriage so I was happy when hired.

Here are some of our favorite pictures and moments of their backyard wedding tents.

It's a sweet treat leaving something for your partner to open when they get ready. Nerves can make you a little so leave them something to cheer them up and get that much more vibrant driven.

It was hot and we mean hot (+37 that day). Everyone has a definite summer light for Dang. Obviously, it's not phase these people at all. They go about all the fun photos and spend a day with everyone their favorites.

The ceremony post we got a beautiful summer wind and you can almost hear the wildness of the pleasure that sounds. Event companies in chennai

It's pretty fantastic having your marriage on your own page. It makes it very easy to get all the puppy launchers you want - all day.

Brider of the Bride does not have it; Sunglasses are a must. It turns out he's a total obstacle and just doesn't want to be seen crying (crying ugly). We will take it as a good reason to run with this display.

Smash up which makes everyone exclaim and ride. It was the sweetest surprise.

Thank you very much for all vendors, family, and friends who help unite the wedding backyard tent: Top 10 event management companies in chennai

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