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I actually like it in 2K but after you get in the grove things

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Franchise- just give me everything in Madden 07(PS2) with a few additions from my League like player characters and contract options. Likely skill trees as well and personnel options. Launched in the next couple of years that I just want something in the presentation outside of games apart from Fake Twitter to Mut 21 coins allow you to feel as though your at a living world. I want players to be over their stats with team building roles that differentiate them more with better scouting. Right now it feels like nothing more than Play Today with muti sport stat tracking.

I actually like it in 2K but after you get in the grove things and playing in the league there must once more be off the area or in game demonstration to make you feel like you're a superstar. I like the idea of year senarios but I believe there needs to be a lot more so it doesn't feel like it will now that's only Franchise but you restrain one dude. I liked the movie deals and representatives from older Maddens.

Take all what RealTalk stated, put in in -training teams, -position battles, -AI-logic negotiations (the player that loses the position battle wants out, or an underutilized player needs a trade, somebody has a career year wants a new contract, for examples) -more powerful OL play -dynamic audiences -training development. Nothing fancy, really, as the majority of the they realized in the early mid'00's. Ugh, the sole reason I'm purchasing is make my Titans are good today. I believe the last one I purchased was 19, I'm frankly totally content just buying every additional season, or even 3 sometimes, I believe the one I bought earlier that was 16. I hate to support the bullshit copy paste thing that they do to year but I don't believe my $60 is gonna really make a difference. Did anybody find running the ball is wildly simpler this season?

I really don't understand what important improvements and gaps that you people were anticipating. There's not even a soccer season happening. All these devs have been at home for months on quarantine. Even if they could go to work, they had to stay 6 ft apart while trying to put this game together. There was just so much that they could do. I am surprised that a game came out in any way. My bum. Because they did this to get m15 too. You'll get it for free on following gen. All companies are being made to make their overdue old gen releases free to get new gen so companies aren't gonna put much resources into a soon to be outdated game. Wouldn't make sense. They have announced some tremendous things for next gen increasingly more will be declared too. Again it has happened before. It is what they are doing.

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