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I had to start from scratch to find a green mommy

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Edit: The hybrid yellows may also have an opportunity to make green, however they create purple more often and the purples have a Animal Crossing New Horizons Items fairly high probability of making green.

Oh I know they have different genetics but was unsure if they had a better chance to spawn greens compared to ones that you make yourself from seeds

I had to start from scratch to find a green mommy. First place yellow and red mums together. Then some yellows will spawn. Put the new and only the newest yellows together. Those will create purples. Then place those purples together and bada boom, bada bang, green mum.

I have some yummy hybrid reds (the kind guaranteed when bred together make blue roses) if you would like them. Just shoot me a message

Thanks so much for your deal, but I'd love to attempt to get them on my own. I know that it's kinda silly, but I feel as the accomplishment of getting all the flowers will feel larger if it is self-sustained.

Learn from my errors! Not many purple mums are made equal. Shade alone won't be enough.

In order to breed green mums, you first need to breed red seed mums with yellowish seed mums. As a result you'll acquire new yellow mums with reddish DNA.

Separate the new hybrid yellow mums and strain them together to create the special purple mums. These mums are going to have the red and yellowish DNA.

Independent the new hybrid purple mums and strain them together to make green.

Make sure the purple mums are out of literary (Hybrid) rather than from White mums... I made the mistake of mixing my Purple mums from both resources and needed to redesign, but once you have the appropriate purple you can get Green quite quickly (also feasible to breed directly from Hybrid yellow).

For Blue Rose I followed the easy 4-step method (not the 9-step which seemed way too complex ) and it took approximately 6 weeks for the first one which I then cloned.... Haven't gotten any more from my initial 4-step flower beds but the cloned ones are repeating quite quickly. (I needed to redo the buy Animal Crossing Items rose method like I formerly followed some incorrect breeding chart)

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