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I really don't know what major improvements and differences

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I really don't know what major improvements and differences you folks were expecting. There is not even a football season going on. All these devs have been at home for months . Even if they were able to go to work, they had to Mut 21 coins remain 6 ft apart while attempting to put this game together. There was only so much that they could do. I am surprised that a game came out at all. My bum. Even if they are, why are they releasing a half baked game at $60 if they're"focusing on next gen." Its fucking scumbag behaviour. Since they did this for m15 too. You will get it for free on following gen. All businesses are being forced to make their overdue old gen releases free for new gen so companies aren't gonna place much resources to a soon to be outdated game. Would not make sense. They've announced some huge things for next gen increasingly more will be announced also. Again it's happened before. It's what they're doing.

Gridiron Notes: Franchise Updates Coming To Madden NFL 21

When these upgrades are complete shit, it was mad to assume they could actually build worthy components in an already created game. That is shit that honestly should not have even been TAKEN OUT of the match. The true test of EA's devotion in the fans is following year's match to see if the marketing is centered around Franchise. Could use bogus names and perhaps have retired players develop into coaching pool after a few decades.

This literally was in the match a decade before, I believe there were bogus titles as part of the coaching pool (past the real HC/OC/DC/ST for each team), then as you played with your franchise, retired players would appear at the"FA coaches" pooland get hired as a coordinator or HC. Bro I loved that feature in old maddens. As a child once old players started to become trainers that's who I just hired. I remember I played a madden back then in which you could hire coordinators but I don't think you could have seen them on the area. 2k5 seems right. There was an ea hockey game back then that let you hire and fire coaches. You can in Madden too. I think it's as they are developing these features for Next Gen consoles concurrently. Additionally, they want a big franchise near Thanksgiving to get Madden 21+PS5 bundles.

I was hopeful they'd fix it but 3 weeks for UI upgrades they even admit that fans have been wanting for years is a sad excuse for the giant that's madden. And that is only since the neighborhood finally went atomic after 10 years of requesting these things politely. If not one of the current outcries occurred, I guarantee none of them (or future) updates would even happen to be a discussion. 'Targeting' - by late October it'll be"XYZ occurred, it's gonna be delayed". Then, I wager by holiday season, PS5 will be out and they will state the new franchise attributes will be included on next gen consoles. Hey! We also have to check out a playoff bracket by the time the true NFL playoffs are just about to start! No one's gonna miss seeing a wild card team 2nd in the buy Madden 21 coins standings and you having to create your own playoff picture on your head.

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