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I would have looked at myself for saying that announcement

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In 2005, I would have looked at myself for saying that announcement, crazy. After the launch of NFL 2K5 but the NBA 2K series now is NBA 2K21 MT Coins so frustrating as a basketball lover. Here's to hoping that a competition comes around. I dununpopular belief but as someone who plays MyGM for countless hours, it's still fantastic. I never played the MyPlayer and've never jumped online after. Should you dismiss the VC and MT hell NBA 2K has become, the base game and the GM mode is second to none.

I agree with that but also NBA 2Kplay feels so stagnant/getting worse. I'd had a great break that is 3-4 and coming back it was a small shock. Defence now seems hopeless, team mate AI is fucked (e.g. they'll either stand just inside the three line or roughly two feet behind it for unknown reasons), departure still stinks, everything feels like canned cartoons, along with the inflation on evaluations is mad (like that there are essentially no players under 70 outside of the dregs). I miss my situational 65 rated players! They need to work on the actual gameplay in a way that they have since 2K11.

Yeah I gotta disagree w you guy. They've removed amazing features through the years, become extremely exploitative with VC/MT, and have not notably enhanced the atrocious AI and unrealistic gameplay in years. They shore from their chokehold on the market and dedicate their tools to shallow crap such as Spike Lee directing unskippable cutscenes or Idris Elba being your coach. Unacceptable shit happens every time I play a 2K game. The CPU opponent might dribble beyond the 3pt line for 23 seconds then get their shit packed on a greatly contested 3.

My CPU teammates can not fill lanes or have inexplicable breakdowns on defense. Nobody can produce a pass to half court or more without it flying out of bounds, as if they're not professional athletes. While the guy coulda firmly dropped it at the hoop random 360 windmills in traffic blocked. I can not even make the MyPlayer I need because they imposed those bs limitations on stats and created NBA 2K far more grindy. They are the programmers.

As a big NBA fan I like that they put Kobe in to the covers, though I'm conflicted on with him for this season's legend variant. Clearly Kobe is Kobe, he has been the legend edition cover athlete before, but now that he has passed away I don't know whether I enjoy them using his likeness to market the $100 expensive special variant. Additionally, I really hope there is attribute parity between current gen and next gen models. Afaik the version is the gen, and I'm not planning to receive a PS5 for Buy NBA 2K21 MT a little while.

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