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International immigration is not a new phenomenon. Migration flows rushing from one region and country to another. Giving rise to some difficulties, labor migration provides clear benefits to the host countries and to those providing the workforce. Immigration is entering the workforce in the given country from abroad.

Manifestations of the democratization of economic and socio-cultural life around the globe, as well as the consequences of acute ethnic conflicts, direct clashes between countries and nations , emergency situations and natural disasters cause the large-scale in-country and inter-country movements of population and labor force in different forms. This is the voluntary choice of workers to enjoy the rights and opportunities provided to them by world civilization and international labor markets, to choose where to live and work. These are also the refugees and forced migrants, leaving their father's home against their will and under the pressure of circumstances.

As to the economic reasons, the major flows of migrants are always directed from countries with a low personal income to the countries with higher incomes. As the most economically developed country, the United States is the main direction of the low-skilled and highly skilled workforce migration. Every year the major amount of the immigrants come here, comparing to other countries. The main flows of low-skilled labor in the United States are from the nearby Latin American countries – Mexico and the Caribbean. Highly skilled workers immigrate to the United States from, virtually, all countries of the world, including Western Europe, Latin America, Russia, India, etc. The influx of immigrants in the United States and Canada by the end of the 90s is estimated at 900 thousand people per year. The legal immigration rate in the United States is up to 740 thousand people per year, 160 thousand people of which immigrate illegally. Thus, net immigration is 580 thousand people.

In the U.S. in labor migration issues many federal agencies are involved. The State Department has a dedicated to this issue Office of Consular Affairs, which establishes the procedure for granting entry visas, controls their issuance and records. The Ministry of Justice holds the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which is responsible for monitoring the compliance of the legal regime of entry and stay of foreigners in the U.S. territory, as well as their detention and deportation if they have no permission by the U.S. law. The Ministry of Labor determines whether an immigrant will not burden the U.S. economy, i.e. if he/she would not deprive any American of a possible workplace. After weighing all the circumstances, the Immigration and Naturalization Service may grant a residence permit for an immigrant to the United States.

While most countries are moving towards liberalization of its foreign trade, almost all of them apply measures to limit international migration. As described above, migration leads to an increase of the total production, although the distribution of benefits from migration is not uniform. However, the positive economic effects of migration may overlap the negative effects that also occur. One of them is the financial burden that immigrants impose on a budget of more developed countries. Especially, it is clearly manifested when the developed countries are located near or even border with the less developed countries. Typical example is the USA. It is estimated that in the United States around 4 million immigrants are resided permanently.

To conclude all the above, the immigration of unskilled workers is rather favorable to the donor country, as it allows to reduce unemployment and related social costs and expenses, as well as immigrants, sending part of their earnings to their home countries or bringing the money home after the return, thereby supplying the domestic economy currency resources. Problems that immigration brings have led to the creation of a broad system of state and interstate regulation.

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