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OSRS closes 2021 with an event, and a glimpse to 2022

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The Old School RuneScape team is close to 2021's end with OSRS gold the Christmas event including a review of the views of players and possible changes to the Ironman Group, additions to absorb items, and an outlook for 2022, which includes adjustments to the team's approach to new features.

Christmas is held at the OSRS in the OSRS, and during the winter season, you will receive gifts to help the heir who wishes to restore his knight's armour Sir Vyvin and his white hue after washing it in an Santa Claus costume. If you are able to help the heir, you will receive rewards.

The introduction of taxation systems and items have been a huge success, removing an average of more than 30 billion GP each day from the tax system. The team added an additional item to the list of items to be dropped. There's no plan to raise the tax rates in the near future, however, some ideas have come up in the group about how to enhance these systems in the future as you utilize them.

The launch success of Group Ironman after it was the feature requested helped alter plans to add more content However, the feedback that was received includes greater clarity about how transfer players to home of group members' work, concerns about people teleporting to your home from afar and possible features such as Iron Group players who can trade items that are otherwise not exchangeable between people in their community. The community is able to vote on suggestions and requests to address the concerns.

In addition, there's an unveiled preview of what's to come which includes 5th General the Nex coming in the next major update of content on January 5 as well as the next iteration of God Wars Dungeon. The majority of the changes or improvements made this year are enhancements to the system, with certain elements and features. In 2022 the team will implement changes to the iteration process, which meant participants had two days off each month to try to add new features or change the way they work. The event will instead be held three times each year , during the weekly game jam without breaks this week. There will be no updates these weeks but we are hoping that participants will be able to spend all day making enhancements and buy OSRS GP adding new features.

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