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Psyonix is treating Rocket League like a platform

According to Rudi,developer Psyonix is treating Rocket League like a platform,and is opting to pour sources into new content material fabric to Rocket League Credits increase stated platform in location of leaping to a sequel.Where many video video games chased annualization within the beyond,increasingly more are beginning to take the platform course,fueled via using the video video games-as-a-provider organization model,which Rocket League has followed thinking about that its sudden success.

"That's fine to do; video video games-as-a-carrier," Rudi said in an interview with GameSpot."The maximum precious issue in our interest is our fans.A lot of the stuff we do is targeted on keeping them with us.Keeping them involved and all hyped up about our game.We want to offer a honestly right experience [for players] to have fun with for destiny years."

"We need to keep this going.I do no longer understand what I'd do with Rocket League 2.I'd as a substitute do extra to extend the existing Rocket League.It's doing high-quality,there is a lot in advance of it.So yeah,we don't have any plans for Rocket League 2."


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