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Rocket League will soon introduce new types

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Certified items only track in online Casual and Competitive games, so be sure to be in one of these modes when attempting to upgrade your item.The Rocket League website teases that these items are just the beginning for the June update, and more news regarding the Item system will be coming next week.

Rocket League Items will soon introduce new types of items to customize your vehicle with, developer Psyonix has announced.The June update introduces two new styles of items, each with their own special property. The first of these is Painted items, which apply a new color to existing items. Initially, these will only be available for selected wheels and toppers. If you earn a Painted version of an item, a color will be randomly assigned to www.lolga.com it, such as titanium white or burnt sienna.

Certified items are the other new type, and those familiar with Team Fortress 2's Strange items will immediately understand what they're about. These come with a specific stat they track (but only in online casual/competitive matches) and have a prefix that is upgraded over time.

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