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When it I started the quest n survived the first battle covering baba yaga

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What I discovered just now that I reached lvl 68 is that I need for to 1M gp so that I can buy all of the gold ore I want to get to lvl 99. When I get to smelt a brand new metal (for me it will be in lvl 70 with addy) is RS gold that I will mine the new ore and required coal and smelt 15 pubs of this new metal. As I get better levels, I will smith the weapons I want to smith and sell them for extra cash and exp. While I sell at G.E.. This is my opinion on what I discovered to be simple. If you guys don't enjoy something, please send me a remark on what I could boost. Anyway, I expect I help some of you who actually struggle with this dull skill. Good luck everyone.

I've invented a method of RuneScape

Cant believe I wasted 5 superb stat reestablish n 10 prayer pots in addition to 30 sharks n 18 rockbite in the past 3 days still cant get the stuff I trynna get.

OK here is wat happened. I was tryin to receive my freminnik diary done so I can do the blood runs deep. One of the hard task was to wear a complete set of skeletal, rockshell or spine armor n talk to a freminnik. My thought was to receive my own raw materials so I can save money (lol I know amount ofy'all might think its idiotic ). Anyways I was able to get like 10 dagannoth hides n trynna go kill wallasalki for bones to make skeletal armor. I didnt know I need another man to open the door to the wallasalki location so once again on dat excursion I wasted a bottle of prayer bud for nothing (I was wearin my ranger stuffs so I heavily rely on prayer in the point).

Later on I obtained in n discovered wallasalki despit being lv 98 it could hits like 19 n it retreats whenever its seriously wounded. I finally learned to use the narrow passage at the back to snare it so it wont escape. So I was made to utilize zanik's crossbow n bone routers (I got a lot of it) to fight wallasalki. I killed like 25 of em n aint got all the bone pieces. So I finally gave up n go to ge to buy a skeletal set n it took 1 day to buy it. Later on I resold it but I aint got much potion n food abandoned.

When it I started the quest n survived the first battle covering baba yaga n instant battle defending relleka. Subsequently 2 times try out savin king vargas all failed Mexican king vargas' hella weak cant even take strikes n virtually every hit on him strikes high. Today im outta food just 18 rockbites n zero potion so I don't have any option except to go pause on the pursuit for some time bein. 5 super stat restore, 10 prayer pot, 30 sharks n 18 rock bite in addition to my hands cannon, all move boo boo, yet I still not able to finish the quest... waterbirth island is like a buy rs gold paypal rs vietnam right here. BTW im lv 103 with 82 strength. Attack defend both 76 as well as 62 prayer.

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