Which Animal Crossing character could scouse borrow from others

  • Sisterly cat villager Katt has a instead suspicious expression, but greater revealing traits advocate she may additionally swipe some thing valuable if the possibility arises. Her catchphrase in New Horizons is "purrty," that's some thing a might-be thief would possibly say whilst eyeing a steeply-priced piece of furniture.

    Her domestic additionally contains some quality band gadget oddly positioned next to boxes and garbage. Although this could be a very innocent - albeit contentious - choice of flavor, one has to marvel why Katt has such high-priced devices when she lives in an otherwise trash-crammed area.

    Speaking of trash-filled residing spaces, cranky wolf villager Chief's house could double as a peddler's alleyway pop-up venue. Complete with a street-artwork wallpaper, garbage can, and boxes, many may be skeptical as to Animal Crossing Bells where or how Chief obtained the more treasured objects on show, just like the file field, rings stand, and ring - the latter costing sixty nine,000 bells at Nook's Cranny in New Horizons. Combining this with Chief's foxlike appearance does him no favors in phrases of trustworthiness.

    Of path, New Horizons' only real fox, Jolly Redd, might be the first suspect that springs to mind whilst considering which Animal Crossing character could scouse borrow from others. This notorious proprietor of Animal Crossing Bells for Sale counterfeit artwork is one which even Isabelle warns as "suspicious" upon his creation to gamers' islands. Since many an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan can verify Redd indeed sells fake art, this sly NPC and his shady schemes make him a top choice as a probable thief.