How to Tune Your Bow in 15 Steps

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Sep 29, 2020, 8:37 AMOct 21, 2021, 8:37 AM (US/Pacific)
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  • Some of my favorite deer rifles are inaccurate, at least by modern standards. But their handling, aesthetics, and sentimental value make up for their loose groups. It's different with a bow. A bow may be pretty, it may point well, and it may be fast; but if the arrows it launches don't fly straight and true every time, everything else is wasted. The good news is that when a bow doesn't initially shoot well, it can usually be tweaked and tuned to do so. Some adjustments you can make yourself, others require the help of a good bow-shop pro. The shop I use is Hinton Archery in Murray, Ky., which is owned by Danny Hinton. Locals call him The Barrel-Chested Irishman. He's a gruff, no B.S. guy who knows how to tune a bow. I sat down with him recently to nail down a concrete, easy-to-follow system for getting perfect arrow flight. Here it is, in 15 steps.
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