The longest-running event in Animal Crossing

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Jun 9, 2020, 6:58 AMMar 31, 2021, 6:58 AM (US/Pacific)
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  • You in fact just have 16 stock spaces, yet you additionally heft around letters. Letters can hold presents, and these presents can be basically anything you can convey. Don't hesitate to put stuff on your letter spaces as "presents"— I like to utilize letter presents for stuff I don't utilize frequently, yet at the same time need on the field once in a while. At the present time that implies a difference in garments, a bull horn, and a slingshot.

    Growing your home and financing the improvement of a town is costly, let me let you know. In case you're not kidding about placing an imprint into your obligations, I'd recommend normally visiting the tropical island accessible to you about up to 14 days into New Leaf The island appears to produce fish and bugs with more normality than your town does, and is home to an assortment of extraordinary animals. As you might've speculated, colorful stuff rounds up bells.But don't feel that implies you can discount your town. I go angling and bug chasing around, as it highlights stuff the island doesn't have.
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